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Weight gains seem to be one of the most distressing factors in a person. We can change it now and together, stronger than ever.

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We humbly welcome you to Dietician Hub. One of the most best online portal for health, diet and fitness. Besides, that we also have our online sessions for weight loss following the ketogenic diet. We hope all the resources that we have researched would come handy to you and benefit you.

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What do our Founders have to say about Dietician Hub?

Dietician Hub Project was initiated by Young Dieticians, Food Experts and Foodies. With a vision to provide the best diet knowledge to the public. We believe it's time for a change and it's never too late to experience the positive aspect of life.

I believe in change. Also, my vision is to change the aspect of people on how they view weight loss and ketogenic diets, and providing genuine information to the crowd.
Bradford Thapa
Program Coordinator
As a Dietician Coach, my main goal is to lead people to gaining their ultimate body shape, not by wasting their time on gadgets but by teaching and providing them emotional support.
Aarem Karki
Weight-loss Coach/ Dietician

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

Online Sessions and Coaching on Weight Loss.

We are providing Weight Loss programs for people who have made up their conscious mind to loose weight. Not only that, but we will be providing you a diet plan as per your metabolism. 

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