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Kundalini Yoga: Benefits, Poses and Postures.


Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga that requires chanting, singing, breathing exercises, and repetitive poses. Also, the purpose of this yoga is to activate our Kundalini energy (shakti). This energy can be located at the base of spine.

As this yoga awakens the Kundalini energy. It is to enhance your awareness. Also, help you move past your ego. In other words, it is “Yoga of awareness”.

History of it

The word “Kundalini” arises from the Sanskrit word “Kundal” which refers to “circular”. It can also be referred to as coiled snake as it sits at the base of your spine, sleeping and unaroused.

kundalini yoga

The origin of it is unknown to people. Practitioners of this yoga is all around the world. The concept of Kundalini energy was recalled in the ancient Vedic texts from 1,000 B.C and has been around for centuries.

This yoga is practiced to activate the energy which allows the energy to move up and through the chakras along your spine. In yoga, the chakras are said to be the seven energy centers in your body. The chakras include:

  • root chakra
  • sacral chakra
  • naval chakra
  • heart chakra
  • throat chakra
  • third eye chakra
  • crown chakra

The increment of the Kundalini energy helps to balance these chakras and contribute to the spiritual wellness.

Benefits of it

There are various benefits of it. They are:

  • Relieves stress and anxiety:
  • Improves cognitive function:
  • Boosts self-perception:
  • Spiritual enlightenment:

Poses of Kundalini Yoga for beginners

The beginner friendly poses of it are:

  1. Lotus pose
  2. Cobra pose
  3. Archer pose

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Other Kundalini poses and Kriyas

A practice that is a gift to us to strengthen and improve our nervous system is Kundalini yoga. The following Kundalini kriyas and yoga poses will clear and focus the mind, and bring balance to your body:

  1. Breath of Fire
  2. Ego Eradicator
  3. Spinal Flexes (Seated Cat Cow Pose)
  4. Sufi Grind Pose
  5. Shoulder Twist
  6. Frogs
  7. Archer Pose

What type of people can practice Kundalini yoga?

Like other yoga poses, it must also be practiced with a safe mind. If you don’t think Kundalini yoga is safe for you, you must consult the doctor for the precautions. The person who practices it, must be aware if they have the following issues:

  • have breathing issues.
  • have injury.
  • for people who have joint pain.
  • have balance problems.
  • are pregnant.

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