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Intermittent Fasting: How can you lose weight easily by Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting is an act of voluntary withdrawal of food for a specific period of time. People often have confusion on fasting with starvation which is a condition where the body gets no food at any circumstances and could be fatal.

In fasting its planned, organized, well timed, voluntary abstinence from food or drink. So it’s an individual’s choice to stop food for certain period of time. Fasting has been promoted and practiced worldwide by followers of many religions. Physicians and dieticians have been promoting fasting as a healthy, self-cleansing, and body healing method leading to healthy weight loss.

The use of fasting has been seen since at least 5th century BC when Greek physician Hippocratus recommended withdrawal from food or drinks in certain medical conditions. The modern rise of fasting became more evident in the 20th century where fasting is in use as a form of disease prevention. In modern days intermittent fasting has become one of the popular method of losing weight.
Fasting has no standard duration. A fast can range from twelve hours to three months or more. Intermittent fasting involves fasting for short period of times on a regular basis. Short fast consists of daily sixteen hour of fast which means people can eat all their meals within an eight hour window. Longer fasts involve twenty-two to thirty six hours which is a person can practice for two to three times per week. Prolonged fasting may range from one week to one month.

Intermittent Fasting: How can you lose weight easily by Intermittent Fasting? (Details)

During a twenty four hour fast, you fast from a breakfast or lunch or dinner until the breakfast or lunch or dinner the next day. This means missing breakfast lunch or dinner in a day and only eating a single meal ( either breakfast, lunch or dinner).

Intermittent Fasting

During a thirty-six-hour fast, you fast from breakfast on the first day until dinner two days later. This is skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks for one entire day. You would skip three meals as you fast from 8 am the first day to 8 pm two days later.

Longer fasting periods produce great weight loss, lower insulin levels and greater blood sugar reduction.

What can we eat on fasting days?

We should stop calorie containing food and beverages during fasting hours.
Hydration is very important during the fasting period so stay hydrated and drink at least two litres of water per day.
Adding a lemon squeeze along with some slice of orange or cucumber to a pitcher of water for an infusion will be a water enjoyment drink.
Consumption of apple cider vinegar with mother in water can help in lowering the blood sugars.

All types of teas are excellent but avoiding sugar is the best. Added stevia drops can be taken sometimes to get a feel of sweetness.
Spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg can be added to a drink to enhance the flavor. Coffee can be taken with a little amount of cream or milk. Added spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg could be used.
Homemade bone broth made from mutton, chicken, beef, or pork bones is a good choice. Vegetable broth is also a suitable alternative adding a pinch of pink salt will help in staying hydrated.

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