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inflammation and tips

Inflammation and Tips to Overcome it.

Inflammation can be very hectic. Also, it can be the cause of various pains. Let’s Dive into the context.

What is a healthy Diet?

A healthy diet and well maintained lifestyle can help us overcome a lot of naturally occurring diseases and difficulties. However we cannot always be sure about our health and welfare. 

So what is Inflammology?

Inflammation is a natural healing process of our body. The immune system is the root of inflammation. Also, it pumps up all the necessary fluids needed to fight against any bodily damage, this process causes the body to ultimately swell.

So why do we need to fear inflammation? An inflammatory response doesn’t always occur in presence of bodily damage. The immune system may go into action without any infection or injury to fight. In such cases there is nothing for the immune system to fight hence the WBCs that normally protect us end up destroying our healthy organs and joints.

What do experts have to say about Inflammation?

Experts believe that inadequacy of healthy diet, lack of proper exercise and most of all too much stress are the major causes of unwanted inflammation in a human body.

These are some of the very small yet crucial activities of our life so generally speaking, the food we eat to the amount of sleep and exercise we get are all accountable for inflammation. Also, in today’s hectic world where we don’t even have time to watch live football, taking precautions against something like inflammation may never cross our mind.

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However there are some tips experts suggest that all of us should try in order to prevent unwanted inflammation.

Effective ways of fighting Inflammation

  1. Balance Blood Sugar

       Most of the diet an average human consumes comes with a lot 

       of carbohydrate. While these food choices may supply us with 

       the vital essentials our body requires they have alternatives.

       Avoiding white foods such as rice, bread along with food containing sugar, flour is a good way to keep carbohydrates in check. 

       Alternatives to these can be food with high fibre such as vegetables, brown rice/bread, fruits, whole grains and wheat etc.

  • Proper Exercise

   Exercise is indeed vital for fighting unwanted occurrences in body. While some prefer to exercise on a schedule like hitting the gyms on Thursdays, it is recommended that we exercise on a regular basis.

   20 to 25 minutes of aerobic exercise accompanied by 10 to 15 minutes of weight or resistance training will keep your body in a good shape and ready to fight against inflammation.

  • Consume anti-inflammatory food

   Even among the proper balanced diet some food choices are regarded to be anti-inflammatory i.e. they work best against inflammation.

   Fruits,vegetables and food containing omega-3 fatty acids are highly recommended. The best sources of this specific acid are salmon fish, tuna, soybeans, cold-water fish, grapes, garlic, celery, blueberries etc.

  • Keep stress in check

   No matter how much you try and workout these preventive measures, diseases will always find a way to you if your mental status doesn’t match your physical status.

   Maintaining stress can be tricky as everyone has their own ways of dealing with things. Some common practices people tend to follow are meditation, reading and night walks.

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