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Apple Cider Vinegar Mother / ACV MOTHER, DR PATKARS

What is Apple Cider Vinegar? It’s Origin!!

Vinegar originates from Latin word vinum acer meaning wine that tastes sour. Traditionally ancient people used apple cider vinegar with mother as an antimicrobial agent to clean wounds. Apple cider vinegar which is traditionally prepared is unfiltered, unrefined and contains ‘the mother’ which is a mix of proteins, enzymes and beneficial bacterial culture.

Dr Patkars Apple Cider Vinegar?

Dr Patkars Apple cider vinegar with mother is a fermented apple juice which is mostly acetic acid. The taste is slightly sour and the smell is strong due to the presence of acetic acid. At first, the apple juice is fermented by yeast which turns sugar to alcohol and then the alcoholic apple juice now converts to acetic acid by bacteria resulting in the ultimate formation of ACV mother.

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The mother present in ACV Mycoderma acetic or Acetobacter aceti is referred as probiotic mother culture. The probiotic mother is good for keeping better digestion and absorption so that you can retain major nutrients from the food you consume. The good bacteria present in the mother compete with bad bacteria in the gut and promotes the growth of healthy growing microflora. This reduces the chances of getting sickness from diseases. The good bacteria gets better growing environment and supports better absorption and digestion of food.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight-loss?

Apple cider vinegar is a traditional tonic for weight loss. ACV mother is used as a weight loss tonic since ages. It was mostly popularized in middle ages back in 1825 where British poet Lord Byron made it renowned weight loss tonic. He used to ingest several teaspoons of ACV mother before meals or by diluting it in water at bed time. Furthermore, the weight loss results were amazing where people noticed and started consuming widely.

Apple Cider Vinegar Mother

Studies suggest that Dr Patkars ACV mother helps to reduce insulin resistance which is the major cause of obesity. Two teaspoons of vinegar taken with a high carbohydrate meal lowers blood sugar and insulin by as much as 34 percent and taking it just before meal seems more effective.

The use of ACV mother in potato, served cold and dressed with ACV mother as salad considerably lowers glycemic index than regular potatoes. Lower glycemic index implies less sugar in blood over long time thus regulates the insulin resistance triggering weight loss.

Celebrities have been using apple cider Vinegar to help with their weight-loss, as per the study of LatestCeleb. Approx 79% of Celebs are engaged with weightloss.

Dr Patkars ACV mother is very good to reduce blood sugar. Also, it can be a good tonic to maintain diabetic condition. In a study type 2 diabetics drinking two tablespoons of ACV mother diluted in water at bedtime reduced their fasting morning blood sugar. Higher doses of vinegar also seem to increase satiety. Which results in slightly lower calorie intake through the rest of the day.

Health Benefits of Dr Patkars ACV mother

  1. Helps in weight loss
  2. Better absorption and digestion of food
  3. Builds better immune system
  4. Hair growth and prevents hair loss also acts as an anti dandruff agent
  5. Improves skin quality by providing glow and softness
  6. Improves heart health
  7. Provides packages of nutrients like Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorous, Manganese
  8. Balances blood sugar levels in diabetic people.

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