Apple Cider Vinegar HRT (ACV HRT) is a blend of different natural herbal substances such as ginger, garlic, lemon and honey with multiple health benefits. This herbal blend mixes in a medium of raw, unrefined, unprocessed mother vinegar from organic apples which makes this drink a natural health boosting super-drink.

Apple cider vinegar hrt
Apple cider vinegar hrt
The right blend of every ingredient makes it a perfect recipe and daily consumption is good to get multiple health benefits such as
  • Fast cutting down of body fats, 
  • Relief from gastritis, 
  • Proper digestion and absorption of food,
  • Reduction of bad cholesterol, 
  • Prevent clogging of arteries, 
  • Making stronger heart by improving blood flow
  • Every ingredient in ACV HRT has magical health benefits. 
  • Benefits of ginger extract
  • Ginger has antiplatelet properties which is good for cardiovascular health.
  • It is an excellent source of antioxidants. Studies have shown that, for this reason, ginger can   reduce various types of oxidative stress.
  • Active compounds in ginger called gingerols keep oral bacteria from growing.Ginger’s antibacterial power may also brighten your smile.

Ginger has an anti-inflammatory property, which means it reduces swelling. That may be especially helpful for treating symptoms of both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

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Health benefits of garlic – Apple Cider Vinegar HRT/ ACV HRT

  • Garlic has anti inflammatory properties which leads to good blood flow in the body.
  • Garlic is good for elimination of bad cholesterol thus enhancing cardiovascular health. 
  • Also, it increases production of nitric oxide which keeps blood vessels relaxed thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. 
  • Garlic can help reduce bone loss by increasing estrogen in females, which can be a big win for your bone health after menopause. 

S-allyl cysteine in garlic helps to increase blood flow in the brain which keeps your brain functioning young as you age. 

Health benefits of lemon – ACV HRT /

  • Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C which reduces the risk of stroke and heart diseases.
  • The pectin fiber found in lemons expands after ingestion, making you feel full sooner and longer thus helps in weight management.

Health Benefits of honey

The phytonutrients in honey are responsible for its antioxidant properties, as well as its antibacterial and antifungal power.

Honey burns body fat even while when you are sleeping. It is one of the best foods for losing weight.

Dr. Patkars ACV HRT (apple cider vinegar hrt) is the perfect blend of all the natural herbs i.e. garlic, ginger, lemon and honey. This perfect combination of herb mixes natural, raw, and unrefined apple cider vinegar mother giving the mixture a sweet and sour taste with the hint of herbs. Furthermore, the ACV mother is an age-old formula for cutting down fats and losing weight. Regular consumption on daily basis is good for maintaining perfect health and disease-free life.

Where can you purchase ACV HRT?

ACV HRT is available at local department stores. But you will find the best deals at : SHOP DURBAR and for Dealership: FoodFarmacy

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